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Miniature working Peabody Deskset
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Miniature working Peabody Deskset
By Evergreen, Colorado Artists Barb and Tom Adkins

This is a minature replica of an orginal Peabody Desk. The seat is moveable.
The apple can be removed and becomes a wearable piece of jewelry.
The little side sections of the desk have been carefully hand cut with a scroll saw. Each section is cut separately by stopping the saw and taking the saw blade out of the saw and inserting the blade into a new area of the wood. A tiny hole must be drilled into that individual section of the wood first, then the blade can be inserted into that hole to start the cutting of that area or section of the piece. After all the cutting is done each area must have all the edges carefully hand sanded and rounded.

The pencil is hand made and fits the pencil slot cut into the top of the desk.

The person's name can be custom ordered for each deskset.
A Custom Designed Font is used for each name.

This can be custom ordered with or without the pen set.

This is a wonderful desk for teachers.
Media: Birch, Oak base, Acrylic
Currently displayed at: Wichita, Kansas
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